Behind the scenes of event design, Loralee provides an array of graphic design and branding services to fellow small businesses, corporations and non-profit organizations. Especially in Okinawa where resources may be scarce, she stands behind bringing you access to high quality papers and printing techniques that will stand out amongst your competitors. Community events, collaborations, educational and networking opportunities are always welcomed! 


The pricelist is for general reference and will give you a starting point to logos and branding packages. Your particular timeline and project specifications will determine your actual quotation. Please email loraleejane@gmail.com for a complete estimate and to inquire about availability.

BRanding Exercise

If you are selected as a Branding Client, you are encouraged to complete the Branding Exercise to help communicate your company's vision and values. Give yourself ample time to complete the exercise. It may be challenging, but a great way to focus and assess the foundation of your brand.